Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Iceland photos

me at the waterfall at Gullfoss.wasn't raining but needed to get the mac out coz of all the mist coming from the big feck off waterfall.

the big feck off waterfall I was talkin about.

view from one of the highest points in reykjavik

" THE JOHNSTON BOYZ " me and Seami with reyjavik behind us and with stupid faces on us.

a glacier coming off the mountain in the distance.looks like clouds when you see it first but its a big loada ice.mad!


Ed Smith said...

nice photos fran. You're right about the stupid faces aswell. Pretty stupid alright. Looks like a great place though.

Gav Cooney said...

welcome to the world of the blogger fran. What are you doing in Iceland?

Fran Johnston said...

was in iceland visiting my brother.yep bloggin is pretty cool.hope I keep updating it regularly