Thursday, November 02, 2006

some stuff

was cleaning up my computer and came across some old designy illustration stuff. this one is just a comp of two pics.I wanted to do something more with it but the image on its own is pretty cool.wanted to call it "brainchild" get it?

this one I just did up a flyer for a fictional jazz festival.I'd made up the graphic element then I found the photo and the idea just came into my head.I like doing things like this even though they are not for actual events coz if you don't get it down it'll just disappear to the back of your head somewhere.

I made menus for some low budget dvds in my time and none much lower than Daniel O Donnell.what a legend he is.anyway,used one of the menu photos to create this image.hopefully some day it will be used for a daniel o donnell remix album.I live in hope.Hmmm,old irish singer doing remixes of songs! maybe I should give johnny logan a buzz!

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galvinator said...

great stuff fran! love the brainchild one man, legend. Daniel O Donnell though, there'll be a lot of oul wans in the country pretty peeved if they see anything like that. The brolly brigade'll be out after ya!