Monday, October 15, 2007

The Birmingham Comic Show

Was at the Birmingham comic show at the weekend and it went really well despite picking up a bad dose of the cold from mooney. got to meet some really nice people and the panels and talks were mostly really interesting. was a good Irish group there (mooney, thompson, lisa, dec, will and bob byrne)and it was nice to hang out with them and, as I was the only one there who dosen't actually work in comics, see how they deal with editors as they look for work and basically do there thing as comic professionals.good craic.

The biggest name on the list of people at the con was creator of hellboy Mike Mignola. By the evening the line to see him had gone down a bit so I jumped in. He was very quiet and didn't say much it but was nice to meet him all the same as he is one of my favorite artists.

While me and mooney were in the line for mignola mooney drew my attention to the guy who's ass was hanging out behind us. after many blurry attempts I finally got a half decent shot. I'm sure the guy was a nice bloke but hey we all have to laugh at each other every now and then and also the way I'm throwing back the chocy bickies I'll be like him before long.

The hotel we were in was class and basically on Birmingham's Grafton st which was extremely handy for us. it had a nice big room and also a separate sitting room with a big telly which had sky sports.result!. it also came with a doorway between the two rooms which was handy for Thompson who felt the need to strike a pose there for some reason.

Will Sliney is a young artist (and sound chap) from cork who got a double page spread in the con's programme much to everyone's amusement. His first work,atomic rocket group 66, which I did the book design for is really nice and off the back of that he got a new gig drawing a book for classical comics so the future looks pretty bright for Will and all the best to him.


Moondog said...

Nice work Branner, good larfs all round alright. Only took ya like 12 photos to get one a yer man's arse cleavage. Cold still bad i spose... ha! Ya Snorey bastard.

teehanwolf said...

And now i'm jealous of you forever fran!

Will Sliney said...

Fran!! Thanks again for saving my life with the bio plugs!! Good to meet you man, i assume youl be around for pints at the Dublin Con. (Assuming you dont get a little sniffle and have to spend the weekend in bed)

Gillian Comerford said...

Wooooooo hahahahahaha Ass crack...I was having a really bad day until now. Nothing like a revealed Ass Crack to get me laughing. Thanks for the comments Fran. Hope your having a wonderful holiday. Looking forward to you coming back :)

Lorcy said...

love the pics man, there was many a bizarre geek sight I wanted to commit to digipic similar to the generously buttocked gentleman you refer to, but most of my pics are of dec and bob being pissed, gret to meet you man!

Dec said...

Never mind that Will Sliney lad, i want to hear about this Dec fella you mentioned. Surely, he is the cadillac of men.

Fran t'was a pleaure to tear it up with ya in Brum. Here's to DublinCon!

Incidently, who was holding up the arrow in that photo? Didn't yer man notice it pointin at his arse!?


Clamnuts said...

that arse crack is classic. Inspiring even.

Olve said...

Ass cracks are very common the games industry too.
And Mignola is the best! :)